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The Insurmountable Quiz II - Engine out of beta stages.

2014-08-27 09:30:04 by TheDarkRat

Three versions of the engine later, and it is FINALLY out of beta. It is now a functional engine with zero animation (mostly) lol.

What does this mean?
It is fully coded and ready for content. That said, things have already changed since the preview screenshots I uploaded to my deviantART, and whilst I don't have any teasers of the new interface yet, I am planning a little teaser trailer in Early September, so until then stay relaxio.
And sorry, that was a terrible word, I'll never say that again...

Also! Question submissions are still welcome, from those that have already contributed to those that haven't yet.
Drop an email to if you don't have a Newgrounds account.


Or head over to deviantART to comment there


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